Budget-Friendly Bites: On Campus, Episode 2

Breakfast, as you know is the most important meal of the day.
This may be a bit late, but for all you students imploding and exploding your brains repeatedly to no end, L'Express in SUB (i.e. the student's union building) has a deal for you. For the exam season of 2012, you can get a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage, and hashbrowns, all for only $2!
L'Express in SUB. Between Java Jive and Taco Time. I had to run away after, because the people who saw me took the picture looked at me funny...
The Student's Union has an environmentally-friendly initiative called the "Reuse-a-Dish" program, so if you grab a reusable plate conveniently provided near the pizza slices in L'Express, you get a $0.15 to $0.25 discount. This applies to any hot food item you purchase from there. There are other places in SUB that support this program too. :)

As well, they are also selling Monster energy drinks at 2 for $4.

However, I want to make it clear that I do not endorse energy drinks. They do bad things to your dreams. E was an unfortunate victim of the enticing sale and the dream-eating, mind-numbing effects of energy drinks. A couple nights ago, we were watching "The Butterfly Effect" (to entertain the fact that I was reviewing for a Psychology exam) during a study break, which prrrobably didn't help.

On another note, I generally find things at L'Express to be rather expensive, but for a quick lunch, their soups are pretty decent. I'd suggest getting a "large" soup ($3.50) which is quite a bit bigger than the "small" ($3), but it's more worth it, I think. All soups come with a couple packages of "Premium Plus" saltine crackers, and the soup goes pretty nicely with a slice of garlic toast which they price at $0.50 apiece. I personally like their chowders and creamy soups, but there was one soup with butternut squash they once had that was quite good. You can check their weekly menu on the Student's Union website. 
This was some sort of chowder with potato and leek. It was really good though... And in case you were wondering, that is the floor of the Butterdome. I was watching people play badminton, because I didn't have my laptop so I couldn't watch stuff on YouTube. But actually, E was playing badminton, so it was okay, I suppose.
This one was the cream of mushroom soup. They give you so many mushrooms! It also has celery. I got the garlic toast too. it's a pretty decent sized piece of toast. And yes, I went to watch badminton again.
Mmmkay...so the cinnamon stuff...I actually never got around to it this past week, but I am thinking Tuesday or Thursday this week, I'll do some baking. Until then!


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