Love for the Locals: Cowgary Commute - Boogie's Burgers

Last weekend, P and I were in Cowtown, and he took me to an old-fashiony type burger joint called Boogie's Burgers. From the outside, it looks kind of questionable, but inside, a pretty cool place with some pretty good food for pretty good prices!
Boogie's Burgers doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside is another story.
A burger bar! Kewl...
I thoroughly enjoyed their scale of spicy hotness. I'm particularly curious about "don't be a hero"...
Hooray for tacky colours and paradise-y images on the walls :D
At a table near ours, there was a built in old-school Donkey Kong game :D
Our ginormous burgerrrrsss (and fries)! Homemade buns and patties...
Cross-section of P's burger: Sam's Burger ($5.75). Single patty, homemade sauce, tomato, lettuce,  onion, and a fried egg. Looked good, all except for the egg, but that's a personal preference thing. P thoroughly enjoyed it.
Cross-section of my Burger: Fay's Burger ($6). Single patty, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, fried onions,  and mushroom sauce. Mmm...mushrooms...
If you're in Cowtown, I think it's definitely worth a try! Peters' Drive-in is great for nostalgia and all, but the burgers at Boogie's are the real deal. Dooo it.


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