Looking Back: 2013

I can't believe it's already 2014.

I started this blog in September 2012 not knowing where I would go with it. I have since continued writing posts and taking pictures of my food, getting looks from people thinking "omg > >...it's one of those people", and with much encouragement from P, there aren't any signs of stopping!

What has happened? Well...
- Food adventures have travelled outside the realms of Deadmonton and Cowtown to my current location in London, Ontario and 2 hours away to Toronto, and I can't wait to try visiting places beyond Canada!
- Numerous mishap experiences in the kitchen, because most food blogs seem all pretty and nice, but that's because they tend to only show you the pretty and nice things. Both the black bean cookies and choux pastries took me at least 3 tries before they were presentable to the public tongue. Before that, I sacrificed my own tongue for the good of humanity, as did P. *insert patriotic expression here* He actually told me to give him my botched batches of black bean cookies to consume over time, but never did. Instead, the tupperware sat on the desk in his bedroom for a week, and the "cookies" started growing things. I never saw the animal it became...I hope I never do :S
- P became my #1 companion on food adventures, my #1 photographer, and my #1 fan :)
- My blog surpassed 50 posts! In fact, it is now nearing 80! :`D
- More potlucks were had (including one at my campus residence in London which was probably one of the most interesting case I have ever experienced). I never knew that there existed potlucks where some people didn't bring a dish or beverage to contribute (not even a 33 cent package of instant noodles) but only came with a plate and cutlery. My roommate and I were practically the only ones who made main dishes from scratch with enough to serve at least 12 people. The potluck was before the Christmas break and consisted of my roommate's beautiful lasagna, my curried pumpkin soup, 2 boxes of Chinese takeout, a chocolate cake, a bowl of fettuccine, 1 2L bottle of Pepsi, a case of vitamin water, a box of SnakPak pudding cups, and 1 batch of beautifully decorated cupcakes. Mind you, my residence has 6 floors.
- As always, much delicious food was consumed!

Of course, my experiences from 2013 have brought about some New Year's Resolutions!
1. Continue exploring the likes of London, Ontario to uncover more wonderful hole-in-the-wall eateries that have yet to be uncovered!
2. Perhaps invest in a better camera to take photos for the blog. I say perhaps because my budget as a student is a little iffy.
3. Revamp the blog to a real domain website complete with the various social media components.
4. Try more food from different places and cultures that I have yet to experience.
5. Stick to my reasons for food blogging from the last year as follows:
a) To remember what I ordered at a place I visited for the first time,
b) To remember what something I ate looked like,
c) To remember good times and company I've had,
d) To remember food and restaurants that I will rarely get the chance to visit,
e) To document my culinary ups and downs in the kitchen,
f) To share with others,
g) To stare at when I'm bored because I have a fascination with browsing food photography,
h) And lastly, to remember places I like to eat at and those that I do not like to eat at/should not go back to.

A special thanks to P for making my blog have that extra umph from your fancy schmancy camera and photographing! And thank you to all of my readers even if you flip through my blog like a magazine just to look at the pictures! I really appreciate all of your support and hope to keep entertaining you all with my dining and cooking escapades.

Here's to another year of great eats before the end of the world actually comes around! ;)


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