Love for the Locals: Le Petit Coin Latin

10 years ago, my family made a trip to Montreal and Quebec City, back during the times when I reliably got sick on every trip we went on. My memories of Quebec were vague, but with some vivid images that I never forgot. There was one cafe in Vieux-Quebec that we went into on a miserably rainy day when I had come down with a bad fever, and my mom had to carry me. All I remembered was a red, wooden window frame with pouring rain running down the glass, yellow painted walls on the inside, and a brown ramekin of French onion soup that my dad was eating. 10 years later, we've returned, and I've finally gotten to enjoy the Quebec City I missed out on!

My family and I had brunch at Le Petit Coin Latin (8 1/2 Saint-Ursule, Quebec City, QC), the very cafe I remembered.

They have a picture of a giant fork on the inside of their door.

Le Petit Coin Latin! It's on a slanted road, as most roads are in Old Quebec :P

I like to think that part of the reason why the menus are so interestingly shaped is because of the slanted road, but I'm not 100% sure because it's actually slanted the other way... Still a cute touch!

The very booth that my family sat at 10 years ago, while I laid on my mom's lap passed out with a fever. All I could remember of Old Quebec from that time were slanted roads, a lot of rain, and a window frame painted red on the outside, and yellow on the inside.

I had my lunch with tea, of course!

The French Onion Soup I longed for... the broth is light, but flavourful. Delicious.

My smoked salmon salad! Shredded beet and carrot, slices of zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and capers were hidden beneath the generous slices of salmon lox. 

My brother chose the croissant with vegetables. The cheese melted all over it really made it look 10 times tastier than it already did!

My dad opted for the eggs benedict. Smoked salmon eggs benedict, that is.
Of the meals that you could get in touristy districts like Old Quebec, this was very reasonably priced. The French Onion Soup was $6, and the small Smoked Salmon salad was $9. And, it was all very very much worth the wait.

The waitress told me that their staff are usually travelling employees, so the turnover is rather high. New employees hang out in Quebec for a couple of years, and move on to another destination! I found it quite surprising considering how great their service is. My dad used to have business trips to Quebec, and always stopped by, noting that they've been remarkably consistent!

After finally tasting the tastes I missed out on 10 years ago, I ought to return! See you again in 10 years, Le Petit Coin Latin?


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