Love for the Locals: Zak's Diner

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Canada Day!

We're in our week off from school, and figuring that the chances of being in Ontario again for Canada Day were kind of slim, I ended up roadtripping with awesome people to...Ottawa! We arrived on the eve of Canada Day and met up with some of our other friends from school who are currently on co-op placements in Ottawa. Our friends took us to a place in the Byward Market called Zak's Diner (14 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, ON).

Byward Market!
Zak's Diner is a 50s American-style diner that serves all-day breakfast, a wide selection of burgers and sandwiches, and apparently you can get a shot of alcohol in your milkshake! The atmosphere differed from the plethora of bars and pubs in Byward Market, with its 50s-inspired decor. There was an "Internet Jukebox" near the front door, which was kind of neat. I was a little bit disappointed that the mini jukebox things at our tables were only ornamental and didn't work, but it was still pretty awesome! In the spirit of Canada Day, they had Canadian flags everywhere.

Zak's Diner!
Internet jukebox amid Canadian flags for days.
Canada Day themed menu!
More Canadian flags!
Homemade lemonade :)
My friend, Laura ordered a chocolate mint milkshake with a shot of Vodka. The other choices were Bailey's and rum.
Greek salad! There was a slight mix-up with my order as apparently the server heard me say, "Grilled Cheese Burger", which sounded delicious, but was not what I asked for... I have a tendency not to send food back because I feel it is a waste, but with the encouragement of my classmates, back it went.

When my order did come, the server was very apologetic, and my food was glorious. The Goat Cheese Burger. It was the most delicious goat cheese burger I've had to date. The beef patty was so moist and tender, and the combination of sauteed mushrooms, bacon, the creamiest goat cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, on a fresh bun was to die for. I would definitely go back for this.
The food and atmosphere at Zak's Diner was all that I wanted it to be, but with more Canadian flags. It was great to catch up with all of our friends, and see that they were doing well! I would definitely go back to dine at Zak's, and for those of you who can drink milkshakes (and are of legal drinking age), I'd recommend getting a milkshake with a shot! As for food, you have to try the Goat Cheese Burger. I feel like it's going to be very hard for me to find an equivalent, so I'll have to return for it the next time I'm in Ottawa.


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