Looking Back: 2012

Every other food blog I read has done a post that alludes to some sort of New Year's reflection, so here is mine. :)

Growing over the past few years, I have come to exhibit what one of my friends, Oat, dubbed "fobby food disease". It can be defined as the silly habit of taking pictures of your food before eating it. In my defense, and possibly in the defense of others with the same tendency, I take pictures of my food for a number of reasons. To make this even more stereotypically Asian, I have come up with 8 (in no particular order)...

1. To remember what I ordered at a place I visited for the first time,
2. To remember what something I ate looked like,
3. To remember good times and company I've had,
4. To remember food and restaurants that I will rarely get the chance to visit,
5. To document my culinary ups and downs in the kitchen,
6. To share with others,
7. To stare at when I'm bored because I have a fascination with browsing food photography,
8. And lastly, to remember places I like to eat at and those that I do not like to eat at/should not go back to.

I started this blog in September of last year after deciding that perhaps spamming my Facebook friends' newsfeed might not be very considerate. So, I moved my love for food to an outlet where people only read my stuff if they wanted to and not out of imposition.

Through a tornado of smoothies, steaks, and not too many dollars spent, here are some highlights of the year

September 4: The food blogging begins!
September 6: The best chocolate cupcakes M has ever made
September 9: A potluck of epic proportions
October 7-9: Home Alone M: Thanksgiving Special
November 2-4: M dines in Cowtown
November 29: The "Super Fail Cinnamon Bun/Biscuit Thing" Disaster
December 19: Redemption of the "Super Fail Cinnamon Bun/Biscuit Thing" Disaster
December 22: We survived the Mayan apocalypse!

All in all, this year has been pretty interesting. Resolutions? I hope to keep up this hobby so I can say in a few years that I did something other than school and work, out of pure enjoyment.

Thank you so much to those of you who take the time to read what I write. I really do appreciate it :)

Here's to new discoveries and experiences for us all! *insert hypothetical "cheers"*


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