Cardio and Cooking: Oreo Smoothie??

No, it's not actually a smoothie made with America's favourite cookie. But it looks like it is! The difference is that it's much healthier for you!

I've told you about my love for food blogs, but I also find enjoyment in watching cooking channels on YouTube!

The recipe I used today was from a Japanese cooking channel on YouTube called "Cooking with Dog". Essentially, there's a lady referred to as "Chef" who does all of the actual work, and a dog named, Francis hosts the show in English, of course with a Japanese accent because he is Japanese. Despite the bizarre setup, Cooking with Dog provides easy-to-follow tutorials for the less experienced quote unquote chefs such as myself.

I made their black sesame smoothie to cater to my Asianized palette this morning. I just happened to have all of the ingredients, so lucky me!

Things I have learned today about black sesame seeds:
- Black sesame seeds actually taste good with banana...
- I don't have to wait until I eat glutinous dessert rice dumplings in order to indulge in the deliciousness of black sesame seeds. Excellent...
Black sesame is one of my favourite flavours for anything dessert-like. Yum...
I thought I would follow the recipe as is but as usual, I didn't. I would like to claim that it's a sense if improvisational creativity, but sometimes I just misread things...

Cooking with Dog's "Healthy Black Sesame Smoothie"
1 banana
1 cup sweetened soy milk
2 tbsp black sesame seeds (because I didn't read the word, ground.)
1/2 tbsp pure honey
3 ice cubes

Just liquify everything in a blender until you find out it's taking longer than you thought since you added whole black sesame seeds and not ground ones.

Enjoy your Oreo-coloured smoothie full of potassium, calcium, protein, and yumminess!


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