So. I'm kind of new to the biz - the whole food-blogging thing, I mean. To be honest, I'm more of a bloggee.

More things about myself... I am a full-time student (therefore I am far from being wealthy), I live under a traditional Chinese household, I enjoy sales and bargains, I have two part-time jobs this semester, I play the piano and badminton in my free time, I laugh at lame jokes, and I have a terrible addiction to food blogs.

I love to learn and try new things - new foods, especially. I will be posting my attempts at cooking and baking as a life-training mechanism for when my parents finally allow me to leave the nest. Also, I love supporting local eateries, so I will gladly share budget-friendly places to enjoy great food experiences in the not-so-exciting city of Edmonton.

(I hope you enjoy reading because I write a lot.)

Feel free to share your stories, recipes, and FOOD BLOGS (but preferably not around exam season), and anything else you may see fit!

In case this blog wasn't exactly what you were looking for, thanks for visiting me anyways! As an act of gratitude, I will refer you to an amazing site where you can find almost anything!


P.S. Please excuse me while I learn how to operate Blogger properly. I am not good with computers.
P.P.S. I tried starting a food blog about half a year ago, and forgot my login information. Thanks to Google, I probably will never get to update it ever again. :/
P.P.P.S. There will be a noticeable inconsistency in the quality of my photos because I am not a photographer, and I am slightly less equipped than most food bloggers. All of my pictures are taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy SII.

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